HOW Headstone as a Story of Life?

Normally, a headstone tells cemetery visitors the basics about the deceased person: their name, date of birth, date they died, who they are survived by and who they are buried with. And on some of the older headstones the epitaphs try to describe the deceased person using verses and poems. Nevertheless, there are also some creative and interesting headstones, witty epitaphs, lighthearted artwork, scary sculptures, sad memorials and even some headstones which are mind-boggling. Trying to imagine the story behind each is intriguing. But, I am doubtful that our final resting place is a hole in the ground at a plot in a cemetery.

Perhaps, there is a lesson in headstone compliments: That they should be shared with the person while they are still alive. It is indeed sad  for those who never find the right opportunity to do so while the person is still alive.

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