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James Woods Left Hollywood to Join Mel Gibson’s ‘Anti-Woke’ Production Studio ?

On July 8, 2024, the Facebook page “SpaceX Fanclub” posted a meme claiming actor James Wood had quit Hollywood to join fellow actor Mel Gibson’s new “anti-woke” production studio. The post linked to a May 2024 article on, its affiliated website. (Facebook user “SpaceX Fanclub”) The article began: In a move that has reverberated […]

YOUNG & OLD : Truth & Reality of Life

The reality and truth of LIFE ! When I was YOUNG, I found it DIFFICULT to WAKE UP. When I am OLD, I find it DIFFICULT to SLEEP. When I was YOUNG, I was WORRIED about MY PIMPLES. When I am OLD, I am WORRIED about MY WRINKLES. When I was YOUNG, I was WAITING […]

Paramount Offered Jerry Seinfeld & Michael Richards $500M for New Sitcom?

Claim – In April 2024, Paramount+ offered comedians Jerry Seinfeld and Michael Richards, who starred together on the hit show “Seinfeld,” $500 million for a new show. Paramount’s willingness to work with the blacklisted Richards shows a “commitment to second chances and creative redemption,” one article said. On April 10, 2024, published an article […]