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Israel Ranked 4th While Palestine Ranked ‘the bottom’ in the 2024 World Happiness Index True?

Claim – A user on X accurately stated Israel ranked fourth while Palestine ranked “at the bottom’ in the 2024 World Happiness Index published on March 20. X (formerly Twitter) user @DrEliDavid on March 20, 2024, claimed the 2024 World Happiness Index was published “today” and Israel was ranked fourth, while Palestine was ranked at […]


Let us rename this day, February 14th, as “Metta Day”… Let us be reminded of the meaning of “Metta” or “Universal benevolence”, and embrace Metta as the foundation of true compassion in practice, the basis of our humanity. That word means Universal Goodwill, or Universal Benevolence, or universal interest in the welfare of beings, a […]

Ordering The Sound Of Knocking

  Last winter, I was laid off from my job. In order to make ends meet, I had to take up a temporary job as a newspaper delivery person. One of the houses I delivered to had its mailbox blocked, so I had to knock on the door. Mr. Xu, an elderly man with unsteady […]