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Founding Father Benjamin Franklin, penned the ‘death and taxes’ Quote?

  The quote pertaining nothing being certain in life except death and taxes has recently been attached to ads for life insurance, and jokes circulated on social media   Did Benjamin Franklin Pen the famous ‘Death and Taxes’ Quote?   Claim: Ben Franklin once wrote, “Our new Constitution is now established, everything seems to promise […]

“Chilling Unedited Nature Photos Ever Captured.”

    A picture of a large snake and a snorkeler showed up in an online advertisement that read, “Chilling Unedited Nature Photos Ever Captured.”   Claim – A picture shows a snorkeler right next to a very large snake, known as an anaconda.   Is the snake and snorkeler photo in online advertisement is […]

Pink and fuzzy bananas

  Pink, fuzzy bananas are real. Pink, fuzzy bananas that contain hard seeds are mostly grown for decoration but when eaten are sweet and soft. Even the U.S. Department of Agricultural recognizes one of their nicknames: hairy bananas.   The Twitter account Unbelievable Facts highlighted the existence of this fruit, posting the below-displayed image and […]