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Folly of Human Desire

Our joint family home housed 14 of us from age 5 to 95 years.   Today I watch both the houses abandoned and nature taking over the garden my mother used to tend for hours every day. The Jamun, the Drumstick a few Ashok, Neem and Peepal have survived but all beauty is both transient […]

Did 1790s Piracy prevented the U.S. adoption of the Metric System

Are pirates who hijacked measuring tools intended for Thomas Jefferson the reason U.S. is not metric An oft-repeated “weird fact” is the claim that, if not for the scourge of Caribbean piracy, the United States would have adopted the metric system in the 1790s, making it the country’s standard system of measurement, instead of what […]

Boris Johnson once said “Those who break the law will have nowhere to hide.”

Did British Former Prime Minister Boris Johnson say the quote ‘Those who break the law will have nowhere to hide’? The alleged quote gained new resonance after U.K. Police reopened investigations into “partygate.” On July 4, 2023, British police announced that they had reopened an investigation into “lockdown-breaching government parties” after viewing footage of “Conservative […]