Crystals in the Sand; THREE WORDS

3 Words Very often, people remember the stories and jokes even after the message of a speech are forgotten.As children we learn about good values from fairy tales that remain in our minds long after we have passed childhood. Adults also learn better through stories that encapsulate the main principles and drive home the point. […]

Haikus ON LIFE

On Life A collection of Haikus; – ON LIFE Contrary to popular belief, great poems can come from the most ordinary of experiences. If the poems you are about to explore are on Life, then they are also about you. Poems can really be an effective way of opening the heart door. Our lives are […]

“Loretto Chapel; The Mysterious Staircase”

The Mysterious Staircase   Explanations for the mystery The subject of rumor and legend for over a hundred years, the riddle of the carpenter’s identity was finally solved by Mary Jean Straw Cook, author of Loretto: The Sisters and Their Santa Fe Chapel (2002: Museum of New Mexico Press). His name was Francois-Jean “Frenchy” Rochas, […]