Bruce Lee’s Inspirational Quote


“I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times,” Lee is quoted as saying.


The inspirational quote attributed to martial arts and film legend Bruce Lee has been circulating on line for years, prompting some to ask whether the quote is real. The quote is about the value of consistency in practicing to perfect a skill.


Did Bruce Lee Say This About the Value of Practice?



The quote is authentic. It was posted to Twitter by the official Bruce Lee Twitter account, which is run by Shannon Lee, Bruce Lee’s daughter


Lee is a cultural icon — a martial arts maestro who created his own discipline, Jeet Kune Do.


The quote is meant to instill in its audience the importance of perfecting a technique, rather than a scattered approaching of learning many things but never getting good at them.


Bruce Lee is best known to the public at large as a martial arts film star with lightning fast movement but,  after his sudden death at the youthful age of 32, his widow, Linda Lee Caldwell published a book containing a collection of Lee’s writings about his martial art form, “Tao of Jeet Kune Do.”






Did Apple developed iRing



Apple announced the development of a smart wedding ring called iRing


In February 2022, rumours started to circulate on social media that Apple was developing a smart wedding ring called “iRing” that would allow married couples to track down their partners’.


Apple ‘iRing’ Smart Wedding Ring Is Concept Art Mixed with Satire


In fact, Apple has not made any announcements about the development of a smart wedding ring. The image above appears to be the combination of an old piece of satirical news and an older piece of concept art.



And, the image in this meme was created by product designer Emily Soto in 2007. The picture shows a piece of concept art for a non-existent product but, does not show a genuine Apple product. Emily Soto wrote on her Behance page that the original idea for this Bluetooth ring was that it would be able to control the “playback functionality” of Apple devices. The original concept page does not mention of the ability to monitor your marital partner, whereabout.


The viral 2022 meme seems to have also borrowed from a satirical article that was published in 2016 on the since-defunct website “fakingnews.” That article claimed that Apple was developing a product called “iDo” that could signal your partner’s mood by changing colours and remind you of important dates and anniversaries. The fictitious article also claimed that the iDo had a “Moral Messenger” feature that would alert partners about the other’s immoral deeds. We rate this FALSE.


Though Apple is not developing a smart wedding ring but, smart rings do exist in the market. These rings tend to have various sensors that can monitor physical activity, heartbeats and sleep patterns but, we have yet found any smart rings on the market with a “moral messenger” feature.


“No, Apple Isn’t Making a Paired Wedding Ring Set to Spy on a Spouse.” AppleInsider




Did Keanu Reeves write “Humans are about to release themselves from the matrix.”



Keanu Reeves wrote or uttered a long message asserting that “Humans are about to release themselves of the matrix.”


In February 2022, an old quotation falsely attributed to the Hollywood star Keanu Reeves regained prominence on social media. It contained the type of generic new-age rhetoric about mental slavery, consumerism, and spirituality that has become especially popular among opponents of COVID-19-era restrictions and mandates. It typically began “Humans are about to [release themselves/break free] from the matrix” and “A war is underway that will shape the future of human existence…:”


A notorious purveyor of junk news and conspiracy theories strikes again.



In reality, this came from a four-year-old article published by a notorious purveyor of fabricated nonsense. The screed did not originate in anything Reeves actually wrote or uttered. And we are rating this article FALSE.


The truth is the original source was a Feb. 2, 2018 article posted by a junk news website with a long track record of producing fabricated and sensationalized conspiracy theories and other nonsense –


In 2018, the creators rebranded the site as, and continue to produce inflammatory disinformation


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