Paramount Offered Jerry Seinfeld & Michael Richards $500M for New Sitcom?

Claim – In April 2024, Paramount+ offered comedians Jerry Seinfeld and Michael Richards, who starred together on the hit show “Seinfeld,” $500 million for a new show.

Paramount’s willingness to work with the blacklisted Richards shows a “commitment to second chances and creative redemption,” one article said.

On April 10, 2024, published an article positing that Paramount, a streaming network, had offered comedians Jerry Seinfeld and Michael Richards – who starred together on the hit show “Seinfeld” – $500 million for a new show.

It began:

Breaking: Paramount Offers Jerry Seinfeld And ‘Blacklisted’ Michael Richards $500 Million For A New Sitcom

In a surprising turn of events, Paramount Studios has extended a monumental $500 million offer to comedy legends Jerry Seinfeld and ‘blacklisted’ Michael Richards to collaborate on a new sitcom. This unprecedented investment signifies Paramount’s confidence in the comedic duo’s ability to revive laughter and entertainment in the ever-evolving landscape of television.

Other media picked up the story, including  SpaceXMania  and The Dunning-Kruger Times.

The story was a piece of fiction.

This item was not a factual recounting of real-life events. describes its output as being humorous or satirical in nature, as follows:

Welcome to, a website that specializes in satire, parody, and humor. Before you proceed to read our content, we would like to emphasize that nothing on this website is real. All of the articles, stories, and commentary found on are entirely fictitious and created for the purpose of entertainment only.

Richards, who played Kramer on the ’90s sitcom “Seinfeld,” was recorded saying the N-word and going on a racist rant while performing at the Laugh Factory in Los Angeles in 2006. He has since been largely blacklisted.


Why My Daughter Can’t Marry Poor Man BY Elon Musk

Elon Musk explains why his daughter can’t marry a poor man.

A few years ago there was a conference in the United States on investment and finance. One of the speakers was Elon Musk and during the question and answer session, he was asked a question that had everyone laughing.

Question : If he, the richest man in the world, could accept that his daughter marry a poor or modest man.

Answer : His answer amazed everyone and provoked new thought of change.

Elon Musk – First of all, understand that Wealth does not mean having a fat bank account. Wealth is primarily the ability to create wealth. Example: Someone who wins the lottery or gambling. Even if he wins 100 millions is not a rich man: He is a poor man with a lot of money. That’s the reason why 90% of the lottery millionaires become poor again after 5 years.

You also have rich people who have no money. Example: Most entrepreneurs. They are already on the road to wealth even though they have no money, because they are developing their financial intelligence and that is wealth.

How are the rich and the poor different? To put it simply: The rich may die to become rich, while the poor may kill to become rich. If you see a young person who decides to train, to learn new things, who tries to improve himself constantly, know that he/she is a rich person.

If you see a young person who thinks that the problem is the state, and who thinks that the rich are all thieves and who criticizes constantly, know that he is a poor person.

The rich are convinced that they just need information and training to take off, the poor think that others must give them money to take off. In conclusion, when I say that my daughter will not marry a poor man, I am not talking about money. I’m talking about the ability to create wealth in that man. Excuse me for saying this, but most criminals are poor people. When they are in front of money, they lose their mind, that’s why they rob, steal etc… For them it is a grace because they don’t know how they could earn money by themselves.

One day, the guard of a bank found a bag full of money, he took the bag and went to give it to the bank manager. People called this man an idiot, but in reality this man was just a rich man who had no money. One year later, the bank offered him a job as a receptionist, 3 years later he was a customer manager and 10 years later he manages the regional management of this bank, he manages hundreds of employees and his annual bonus exceeds the amount he could have stolen.

Wealth is first of all a state of mind” Attitude is everything.


Israel Ranked 4th While Palestine Ranked ‘the bottom’ in the 2024 World Happiness Index True?

 (X account @DrEliDavid)
Claim – A user on X accurately stated Israel ranked fourth while Palestine ranked “at the bottom’ in the 2024 World Happiness Index published on March 20.

X (formerly Twitter) user @DrEliDavid on March 20, 2024, claimed the 2024 World Happiness Index was published “today” and Israel was ranked fourth, while Palestine was ranked at the bottom of the list.

In his post, David included a bar chart displaying the top 10 happiest countries in the world, which showed Israel in fourth place between Iceland in third and the Netherlands in fifth.

The similar claim also appeared elsewhere on X.

What’s True & False

It is true the 2024 World Happiness Report was published on March 20, and that Israel ranked highly on that list. However, Israel ranked fifth on this year’s index, whereas in 2023 it ranked fourth. And Palestine did not rank at the bottom, as David stated. Therefore, we have rated this claim as a “Mixture” of truth.

Israel did not rank fourth (again) in 2024. It dropped one place on the index to fifth. Further, Palestine did not rank “at the bottom of the list.”

Page 15 (to get there in PDF type “17”) of the 2024 World Happiness Report shows Israel came in at number five, while page 17 (see previous note but type “19”) shows Palestine ranked 103rd out of 143 countries, so not “at the bottom.”

Similarly, page 34 (type “36” in PDF) of the 2023 World Happiness Report shows Israel ranked fourth, while page 36 (type “38”) shows Palestine came in at number 99.

The 2023 report shows the bar chart that David was referring to.