Let us rename this day, February 14th, as “Metta Day”…

Let us be reminded of the meaning of “Metta” or “Universal benevolence”, and embrace Metta as the foundation of true compassion in practice, the basis of our humanity.

That word means Universal Goodwill, or Universal Benevolence, or universal interest in the welfare of beings, a concern about the welfare of all beings.

That means it is a broad mind, not a narrow mind.


Send Love when we see Hatred,

Forgiveness when we see Resentment,

Strength when we see Weakness,

Tranquility when we see Chaos,

Humility when we see Conceit,

Peace when we see Hostility,

Courage when we see Fear,

Hope when we see Despair,

Comfort when we see Pain,

Kindness when we see Cruelty,

Compassion when we see Suffering.

May suffering ones be suffering free, the fear-struck fearless be;

May grieving ones shed all grief, may all beings find peace and relief.

Sadhu! Sadhu! Sadhu!

From me with Metta,



First Photo of Jaafar Jackson from the Michael Jackson Biopic is Real?

Claim – A photograph authentically shows Jaafar Jackson, nephew of singer Michael Jackson, in character as his uncle for an upcoming film.

A photograph purportedly showing singer Jaafar Jackson in character as his iconic uncle, Michael Jackson, went viral, on Feb 13, 2024. Jaafar Jackson, who is the son of Michael Jackson’s brother Jermaine Jackson, was hired to play the late singer in a biopic titled “Michael” that is set to be released in 2025.

The photograph claimed to show the young actor and singer looking almost exactly like his uncle in an outfit that recreated Michael Jackson’s “Man in the Mirror” look from his 1992-93 Dangerous Tour.

First Image of Jaafar Jackson as Michael Jackson in Biopic ‘Michael’
byu/MarvelsGrantMan136 inmovies

The above photo is indeed a real image from the upcoming biopic about Michael Jackson. It was released on the verified social media accounts of Lionsgate, the production company behind the film, and Antoine Fuqua, who is directing the movie. As such, we rate this claim as “True.”

In the image caption on Instagram, Fuqua wrote, “Your first look at #MichaelMovie. Starring Jaafar Jackson — in theaters April 2025. Photograph by the renowned photographer Kevin Mazur, who documented Michael’s final rehearsal, and is now the first to photograph Jaafar in character as Michael.”


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Lionsgate’s official X account posted the same message.

The image was published in reliable entertainment news outlets including Deadline and Variety.

Producer Graham King said in a statement about the movie: “With Jaafar, every look, every note, every dance move is Michael. He embodies Michael in a way that no other actor could.”

Fuqua added: “We have assembled an incredible team of artists for this project — hair and makeup, costumes, cinematography, choreography, lighting, everything — and some who knew and worked with Michael are reuniting for this film. But most importantly, it’s Jaafar who embodies Michael. It goes beyond the physical resemblance. It’s Michael’s spirit that comes through in a magical way. You have to experience it to believe it.”

Mazur frequently photographed Michael Jackson during his tours in the 1980s and 1990s, as well as his rehearsals for his “This is it” concerts. He shot the last images of the performer rehearsing just days before Jackson’s death in 2009 at the age of 50.


Ordering The Sound Of Knocking


Last winter, I was laid off from my job.

In order to make ends meet, I had to take up a temporary job as a newspaper delivery person.

One of the houses I delivered to had its mailbox blocked, so I had to knock on the door. Mr. Xu, an elderly man with unsteady steps, slowly opened the door.

I asked, “Sir, why is the mailbox entrance blocked?”

He replied, “I intentionally blocked it.” He smiled awkwardly and continued, “I want to discuss something with you. When you deliver the newspaper to me every day, please knock on the door or ring the bell and hand it to me in person.”

I replied, “Sure, but that seems inconvenient for both of us and a waste of time.”  I was puzzled by this arrangement.

He said, “It’s alright, I’m at home every day. How about this… I’ll give you an extra $50 each month as a knocking fee.” With a pleading expression, he added, “If there ever comes a day when you can’t get an answer to the knock on the door, please call the police!”

I was shocked and asked, “Why?”

He replied, “My wife passed away, my son is abroad, and I live here all alone, who knows when my time will come?”

At that moment, I saw the old man’s misty, moist eyes. I asked, “Don’t you subscribe to the newspaper to read it?”

He answered, “I never read the newspaper… I subscribe for the sound of knocking!” He clasped his hands and said, “Young man, please do me a favour! Here’s my son’s overseas phone number. If one day you can’t get an answer to the knock on the door, please call my son to inform him…”

After Mr. Xu’s responses, I believe there are also solitary, lonely elderly people among our circle of friends.

Sometimes, you might wonder why they, in their old age, still send morning and evening greetings or messages on WhatsApp, just like they are still working.

Actually, the significance of these morning and evening greetings is similar to the meaning of knocking or ringing the doorbell; it’s a way of wishing each other safety and conveying care.

Nowadays, WhatsApp is very convenient, and we don’t need to subscribe to newspapers anymore. If you have the time, teach your elderly family members how to use WhatsApp!

One day, if you don’t receive their morning greetings or shared articles, they might be ill or something may have happened to them. Please care for your friends and family.

After this experience, my eyes welled up with tears!!!  I deeply understand the significance of our morning greetings to each other!!!

LESSON IN LIFE – Stay Connected.