Dog rescues by Dolphin Video

An April 14, 2023, a tweet with a video of a dolphin transporting a small dog to a sailboat, described as “dolphin saves a dog that fell into the sea from the boat,” received nearly 800,000 views at the time of this reporting: If the soundtrack and camerawork did not make it obvious, this is […]

Photo of Sand after being Strike by Lightning?

  It is a truly strange-looking formation. A photograph supposedly showing a sand formation on a beach after it was struck by lightning was posted by the “Curiosity” Twitter account @sciencenature14. The photo was captioned: “When Lighting hits a sandy beach, it creates otherworldly glass sculptures known as fulgurites or “petrified lightning.” Is this a […]

Are Ski events at 2022 Olympic Games took place near a nuclear power plant

      Ski events at the 2022 Olympic Games took place near a nuclear power plant.   In February 2022, as the Winter Olympic Games kicked off in Beijing, rumours started to circulate on social media. Most social media fans were a little surprised to see that some of the ski events were being […]