Extensive Collection Of Ancient Egyptian Antiquities

Egyptian Museum   The Museum of Egyptian Antiquities, known commonly as the Egyptian Museum was first built in Boulak. In 1891, it was moved to Giza Palace of “Ismail Pasha” which housed the antiquities that were later moved to the present building situated at Tahrir Square in Cairo, Egypt. The building which has 107 halls […]

“WHY Is Change Needed?”

?  Change Facts: The average life span of an eagle is approximately 30 years. The eagle, like many living organisms, does not have the luxury of making the decision to extend their life cycle far beyond what is normal for its species. In captivity, an eagle may live beyond what the average life expectancy is, […]

The Decay of The Universe

Watch  ‘The Decay of Heaven’  video. A brief look at what the implications are for a universe that is expanding and accelerating. Things look rather bleak for the future of  the  universe if we accept the implications of the current observations of universal expansions. Written and Narrated by Tony Darnell. Animation / Graphics: NASA/JPL NASA/JWST […]

” HOW Hair As A Hat ? “

Check out this clip from NTV’s “ Super Surprise ” featuring a guy who has trimmed his hair to look exactly like a hat. The narrator introduces him as “Danny, a man who has never taken off his hat for 20 years.” It does not take very long to figure out that his hat is […]

HOW Disposable Chopstick is Produced?

HOW Disposable Chopstick is Made? Chopsticks are made from a variety of materials: bamboo, wood, plastic, bone, metal, jade and ivory. Disposable chopsticks are made from bamboo or wood. Bamboo and wood chopsticks are cheap, low in temperature conduction and provide good grip for holding food due to their matte surfaces. They can warp and […]