“The Futuristic Automobile”

” new Mercedes-Benz “ 


No joke! Scary! But true.

Images of a futuristic “new Mercedes-Benz SCL600” automobile.

Do you think that you can drive with a joystick?

Your kids and grand kids sure can. The influence of video games in our lives has really arrived, wouldn’t you say?

But there is more!

The Scary Thought is — Now, a 7-year old can steal your car and drive it better than you can !

Yep, 2012 – Start checking the senior bus schedule!!!!

But, as they say down under “no worries mate”.  We are already living in the age of innovations, therefore, everything has connection to innovative technology – we just need to open our eyes to see and welcome it. So,  when you are joyous – no scary thoughts come in.

Safety is always stressed by Mercedes-Benz.

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