“WHO Lives Longer?”




Elephants                        – 70 years

Camel                              – 50 years

Horse                              – 50 years

Tyrannosaurus-Rex         – 45 years

Deer                                – 35 years

Lion                                – 35 years

Tiger                               – 25 years

Wolf                                – 16 years

Fox                                 – 14 years

Marine Animals

Whale                            – 116 years

Shark                             –  30 years


Tortoise                       – 152 years

Turtle                           – 123 years

Alligator                       –  63 years

Crocodile                     –  45 years

Cobra                           – 28 years


Swan                           – 102 years

Eagle                           –  55 years

Vulture                        –  39 years

It appears from the list above that vegetarian animals generally have a longer lifespan compared with carnivorous animals of the same size and species. Some of the animals on the list may not be strict vegetarians and are actually omnivores. We humans are also omnivores, but I have a feeling that at the rate the modern-day human devours meat, we may just be eating more meat than the lions and tigers!

Animals eat only when hungry. And when one wonders why obesity, heart diseases, high cholesterol, diabetes and cancer are on the rise! Humans eat for pleasure.

Eat to live, or live to eat?

The choice is ours.

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