Did Keanu Reeves write “Humans are about to release themselves from the matrix.”


Keanu Reeves wrote or uttered a long message asserting that “Humans are about to release themselves of the matrix.”


In February 2022, an old quotation falsely attributed to the Hollywood star Keanu Reeves regained prominence on social media. It contained the type of generic new-age rhetoric about mental slavery, consumerism, and spirituality that has become especially popular among opponents of COVID-19-era restrictions and mandates. It typically began “Humans are about to [release themselves/break free] from the matrix” and “A war is underway that will shape the future of human existence…:”


A notorious purveyor of junk news and conspiracy theories strikes again.


In reality, this came from a four-year-old article published by a notorious purveyor of fabricated nonsense. The screed did not originate in anything Reeves actually wrote or uttered. And we are rating this article FALSE.


The truth is the original source was a Feb. 2, 2018 article posted by a junk news website with a long track record of producing fabricated and sensationalized conspiracy theories and other nonsense – YourNewsWire.com


In 2018, the creators rebranded the site as Newspunch.com, and continue to produce inflammatory disinformation

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