James Woods Left Hollywood to Join Mel Gibson’s ‘Anti-Woke’ Production Studio ?

On July 8, 2024, the Facebook page “SpaceX Fanclub” posted a meme claiming actor James Wood had quit Hollywood to join fellow actor Mel Gibson’s new “anti-woke” production studio. The post linked to a May 2024 article on Esspots.com, its affiliated website. (Facebook user “SpaceX Fanclub”) The article began: In a move that has reverberated […]

First Photo of Jaafar Jackson from the Michael Jackson Biopic is Real?

Claim – A photograph authentically shows Jaafar Jackson, nephew of singer Michael Jackson, in character as his uncle for an upcoming film. A photograph purportedly showing singer Jaafar Jackson in character as his iconic uncle, Michael Jackson, went viral, on Feb 13, 2024. Jaafar Jackson, who is the son of Michael Jackson’s brother Jermaine Jackson, […]

Is the Actor Who Played the Karate Kid More Than 60 Years Old Now

A whole generation began to feel very old when a number of TikTok videos claimed that Ralph Macchio, the actor who played Daniel Larusso in “The Karate Kid” film franchise of the 1980s was more than 60 years old. Many on TikTok expressed shock at what appeared to be Macchio’s ageless features. It is true […]