“WHY Some FOOTWEAR Cause Escalator Injuries”

Croc and Escalator

I have not seen a brand that gets the compliments and rave reviews that Crocs shoes received. Not forgetting, there are many rubber clogs that resembled Crocs, but are actually an imitation brand. With slip-resistant soles, Crocs shoes were originally designed for boaters and fishermen to wear on slippery decks. Today, chefs, health care workers, custodians, and anyone who is on their feet a lot is enjoying the benefits of these shoes. To be objective, it is not just Crocs that pose a danger — any soft, pliable shoe, as can long and untied shoe laces, even flip-flops, can be dangerous on an escalator.  The best way for parents to safeguard their children on escalators is to recognize and to minimize the entrapment dangers.

Here are a few other features that make Crocs special:

  • Available for men, women and kids.
  • Offered in a huge array of colors.
  • Totally Vegan
  • Made from a material that softens and warms with your body heat, allowing the shoes to mold to your feet.
  • Resistant to the fungus and bacteria that causes foot and shoe odor.
  • Holes around the bottom of the vamp allow for plenty of ventilation, while allowing air, sand and water to pass through.
  • Incredibly easy to clean, these shoes are ideal for garden work or other wet and messy conditions.

crocs Classic Clog,Black,Men’s 10 M/Women’s 12 M
crocs Beach Clog,Black,Large (Women’s 10-11 M US/Men’s 8-9 M US)

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