” Sapporo LEGENDARY BIRU ” Commercial

Sapporo beer is one of Japan’s best and oldest beer which focuses on the discipline and attention to detail, and which has been a cornerstone of the brand’s brewing heritage since 1876.

In 2006, Sapporo acquired Sleeman Breweries Limited, and now brews the majority of Sapporo distributed throughout North America in the Guelph-based brewery, employing the same quality-focused methods that have earned the brand its premium stamp. The company also markets and/or distributes world class imported products such as Sol, Guinness, Tecate and Dos Equis.

The Canadian market is being given a new appreciation of the brand’s cultural heritage through “Legendary Biru”. Biru is a Japanese term for beer. Sapporo Legendary Biru commercial spotted a new, sleek 500 ml can design. The 2 minutes film enables you to discover Sapporo Brewery brewing tradition and the legend of Sapporo yourself. A lavish journey though Japan’s rich cultural heritage that reveals the brewing process behind Sapporo beer, and up to the modern neon-lit Tokyo. The visual feast is set to the catchy sound of drums, and I love how the drummers are perfectly in sync with the music.

Developed at Dentsu Canada, Co-directed by Mark Zibert (Sons and Daughters) and Gary Thomas (Crush), the beautifully detailed two minutes film was shot on location over a month in Guangzhou, China. Taking children cutaway storybooks as their starting point, Thomas and Zibert drew on a range of film and VFX techniques to build the finished image in order to create something amazing which would stand out in its field. Hence, the entire spot is a combination of photo, CG and 2D illustration.

Three dedicated artists were assigned to create each of the transitional rooms, with illustrations by James Zhang guiding the way at very step. To bring the film to life, Zibert and Thomas paid meticulous attention to the casting, working with an assortment of trained martial arts experts, sumo wrestlers and actors cast as Samurai and Geisha. Japanese cultural advisors were on set throughout to ensure authenticity across the production, with the same level of detail being paid to costume design and art direction.

“By taking people through a unique and entertaining tour of a mythical Sapporo Brewery, we wanted to translate intrigue for Japan into intrigue for Sapporo the beer and we’re confident we have done this in a truly creative and powerful way.” says Jeff McCrory, Strategic Catalyst at Dentsu.

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