“British Sense Of Humour”

The British Sense Of Humour  The British have the best sense of humour. British have developed sarcasm and irony into an art form, have the best and most surreal sitcoms from the television world. British sense of humour not only mocks and satirizes authority figures and sacred cows but spills over into relationships with colleagues and friends with witty banter and sometime relentless mickey-taking! also is self-mocking. Self-mockery is not self hatred – it is merely recognizing that our flaws and imperfections are funny and we are big enough to laugh at them.

Perhaps, the inherent good nature of most British humour is the reason why it travels so well: it ensures that other nations with varying standards as to what is and is not appropriate in humour feel less threatened by it than they do by many other types of humour.

Oh yes, and humour is how British spell humor, it is not a typo!

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