Awesome Pen That Writes in Metal


The pen with an endless supply of metal “ink”. The stainless steel pen features 6.25” long x 0.375″ diameter, a special metal alloy tip and an anodized aluminum barrel, making it just much more awesome.

The Endless Ink Pen is a hybrid of pens and pencils. Its special metal alloy tip means that this pen has an endless supply of “ink”, never dry up, cannot smudge or leak, never needs to be sharpened and does not need a cap. However, if you wish for a finer point or if the point becomes slightly blunt, you can ‘sharpen’ it again using sandpaper.

If you use the sort of paper typically used in printers and photocopiers, the pen leaves a mark that looks as if it was made by a pencil. In fact, the Endless Ink Pen works flawless on nearly any normal writing surface, glossy papers and even wet conditions. It can also write upside down. However, the only surfaces that has shown issues are on newsprint and cardboard. It is advisable not to drop the pen onto a hard surface, otherwise you may snap the nib off.

Perhaps, the only drawback would be that if you make a mistake, you would not be able to erase it. If you are planning to write the definitive 21st century novel, I would recommend a regular pen. However, fostering innovation and as a scientific curiosity, I like the Inkless Metal Pen. The awesome pen could be your “Companion for Life”

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