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“WHO Lives Longer?”

  Mammals Elephants                        – 70 years Camel                              – 50 years Horse                              – 50 years Tyrannosaurus-Rex         – 45 years Deer                                – 35 years Lion                                – 35 years Tiger                           […]

“The Giant Head have Bodies?”

Easter Island Heads Rubber Stamp   The “giant head” moai statues on Easter Island have bodies! This is absolutely incredible. Apparently, the 887 monolithic human figures carved from rock on Easter Island – known as moai, are familiar to many people through iconic images to be either just heads or a combination of heads and […]

“TOP 20 Motivational Quotes”

Everyone likes a good quote. Welcome to my collection of motivational quotes. Sometimes in life you might not feel good and need some quotes to motivate you and guide you in your life. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. Feel free to like and share these quotes with everyone you love. […]

“4 Treasures of Food”

Ballistic Glass Screen Protectors for iPhone 5, Galaxy S4, and iPad Mini at TechArmor.  Fibres of orange or grapefruit peels We waste a tremendous amount of food , about 20 pounds per person per month. The Worldwatch Institute, an environmental research group based in Washington, D.C., calculates that we waste even more food during the […]

“TOP Haunted Places in the World”

Thunderbird Lodge, Nevada Everyone seems to know of at least one haunted house; as kids there was almost certainly one in our own neighborhood.  Old places generally accumulate their share of ghost tales . This list  are the places, through years of experiences and unnerving reputation, that are considered the most haunted places in the […]