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The Video Show “Water and a Chemical Turning Into Milk ?”

  This video demonstrates the creation of fake milk when it shows a brown liquid turn milky white in the presence of water. ? In October 2018, a Facebook video of a chemical being mixed with water went viral when it was combined with the assertion that it somehow demonstrated an effort to create a […]

“Took An Arrow in the Knee”

The phrase “took an arrow in the knee” is old Norse slang for getting married? The origins of many marriage-related rituals are known by very few. One searches in vain to find any references in Norse languages or mythology that links the phrase ‘took an arrow in the knee’ to the concept of marriage, so […]

“Top 10 Jokes at Fringe Award”

Top 10 jokes at Edinburgh Fringe Award A joke by comedian Tim Vine about a vacuum cleaner has been voted the winner of the Funniest Joke of the Edinburgh Fringe Award 2014.  See the full top 10 list above.