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Falling Confetti in Times Square on New Year’s Eve Carry People’s Hopes and Dreams

  If you have a wish for 2023, it can be a part of New York City’s famous New Year’s Eve Times Square celebration, albeit in a small way. In early December 2022, organizers for the New Year’s Eve party unveiled a “Wishing Wall,” which allows people to write their wishes on pieces of confetti […]

Ice-T tweet comparing Trump to Satan

  In July 2021, the Occupy Democrats Facebook page posted a meme that quoted rapper Ice-T as saying, “I can’t believe people are comparing Trump to Satan. Yes, he’s evil, but he’s certainly not as evil as Trump.”   Did Ice-T Tweet This About Comparing Trump to Satan, and has been circulating since 2020? Ice-T […]

Bruce Lee Died from Drinking Too Much Water

  Officially, martial arts and film legend Bruce Lee died in 1973 from cerebral edema, or swelling of the brain, caused by a reaction to prescription medication. But that simple explanation as to how an apparently healthy young man who seemed invincible onscreen was taken down so suddenly did not sit well with fans, and […]