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“WHY Some FOOTWEAR Cause Escalator Injuries”

Croc and Escalator I have not seen a brand that gets the compliments and rave reviews that Crocs shoes received. Not forgetting, there are many rubber clogs that resembled Crocs, but are actually an imitation brand. With slip-resistant soles, Crocs shoes were originally designed for boaters and fishermen to wear on slippery decks. Today, chefs, […]

WHAT is Parable Of Heaven and Hell

Parables are stories with the potential to disrupt the narrative of our lives – to point our life in a new direction. They can shake up what we know and push us – gently – into viewing the world and ourselves in a new way. Here is a parable………… Quote: A holy man was having […]


The photograph of Lady Liberty formed by 18,000 posed soldiers was taken in July 1918 at Camp Dodge, in Iowa, by photographers Arthur S. Mole & John D. Thomas. It was intended to help promote the sale of WW1 war bonds unfortunately, it was never used. In fact, during WW1 years Mole and Thomas had […]