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A tour onboard  the titanic  ‘ Explore of the Seas, Nassau ‘.  MS Explorer of the Seas is one of the five Voyager-class cruise ships from Royal Caribbean International. The cruise ship port of registry is Nassau in Bahamas. It can handle over 3100 guests, including scientists making use of a built-in atmospheric and oceanographic […]

Nothing Is Impossible

God has given us a lot of graces, but we forget all. The small child gives us a lot to think of us…….. Nothing is impossible. What you want is simply expensive. There are ways which lead to everything and, if we have sufficient will, we should always have sufficient means. Whenever  I hear,  ” […]


Reflection Essentially, filial piety is one of the “right relationships” for which Confucius advocated. The definition includes the responsibility of each person to respect their parents, obey them, take care of them as they age, advise parents, to perform the duties of one’s job well so as to obtain the material means to support parents, […]