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Just For Laughs

? Just For Laughs is a comedy, full of fun and laughter.  Jim Breuer is a comedian from Long Island.  Watch Jim explains in the video. What happens inside our stomach when we consumed a variety of alcoholic beverages. Enjoy!     Goat milk Portable Keyboard

Incredible Buddhist Hanging Monastery

  Buddhist Hanging Monastery   Heng Shan or Heng Mountain in Shanxi Province is one of the Five Sacred Mountains of Taoism. At 2,017 meters, it is one of the five tallest peaks in China Proper. Heng Shan in Shanxi Province is sometimes known as the Northern Heng Shan. The most famous temple at Heng […]

This Player is a Wanted Man

? Wanted this player for Argentina. Truly incredible. He is a professional soccer player. Does anyone know who this guy is?   PLAYER WANTED THIS PLACE AND GIVE to nationalize FRONT AND CENTER HANDLE OFFICIAL SELECTION OF PENALTIES IN ARGENTINA NATIONAL. I hope you will enjoy watching the video as much as I did.