“The Escherian Stairwell”

Video documents the existence of a never-ending stairwell “Escherian Stairwell” On April 2013, many people were amazed and puzzled by a video from the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) purportedly documenting the existence of a “Escherian Stairwell” which “violates the laws of physics and basic logic by looping back into itself”. I would like to […]

” HOW Digital Media Tell The Story Of Nativity? “

?? The Digital Story of the Nativity shows how the social media, web and mobile phone would tell the story of the Nativity and seen witnessed had digital media existed back then. And Christmas story told through Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google, Wikipedia, Google Maps, GMail, Foursquare, Amazon…… The 3 minutes video has a host of […]

What Is Innovative Technology ?

Some of us still do not understand the purpose of innovation and the speed at which we must move just to remain in competition. Outside our borders furious competition is building up as developing economies are rushing to close the gap with the most advanced economies. All of them, with no exception consider brand and […]