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“Pigs Are Unhealthy to Eat Because They Do Not Sweat?”

  The notion that a pig’s lack of functional sweat glands has anything to do with its risk of transmitting disease is without scientific basis, though several posts that have gained widespread attention online have claimed that pigs are more likely to harbor dangerous bacteria and parasites because they do not sweat, making them unhealthy […]

“The Great Pyramid of Giza’s Location Linked to the Speed of Light ?”

  A popular bit of “too crazy to be a coincidence” trivia suggests that the location of the Great Pyramid of Giza is in some way cosmically aligned with the universe – or, the Egyptians themselves aligned their pyramids with the universe because its latitude in decimal degrees is 29.9792458 N and the speed of […]

“Shoebill Stork is a Real Animal?”

  Images and videos of the shoebill stork, a large African bird, which went viral are often met with skepticism. In short, the video shows a real animal called the Shoebill Stork. The shoebill stork is also known as the whalehead stork. ? Many people claimed with varying degrees of disbelief. Viewers who think this […]

” Amazing Facts About The Eyes “

“Amazing Facts About Your Eyes” The Eyes – Your Eyes may be giving away more than you know!!    

“Look for the Bare Necessities”

One of the things that modernization and technology have done for us these days is to give us many options in life. For example, when we purchase things, whether it is food, vehicles, computers or cellphones, we are confronted by an expanding array of brands, flavors and options. Take milk, for example. If we only […]