Crystals in the Sand; THREE WORDS

3 Words Very often, people remember the stories and jokes even after the message of a speech are forgotten.As children we learn about good values from fairy tales that remain in our minds long after we have passed childhood. Adults also learn better through stories that encapsulate the main principles and drive home the point. […]

10 Most Wonderful Churches In The World

Top 10; Most Unique Churches in the World from Charmainelim There are a lot of unique and interesting things around us in our world today. Regardless, whether you are religious or not religious, I must admit that the most wonderful buildings on earth and among mans most spectacular creations are churches, monasteries and other religious […]

Nothing Is Impossible

God has given us a lot of graces, but we forget all. The small child gives us a lot to think of us……..   Nothing is impossible. What you want is simply expensive. There are ways which lead to everything and, if we have sufficient will, we should always have sufficient means. Whenever  I hear,  […]