Awesome Performance With Horns

? Absolutely amazing performance. A French performer utilizes bicycle horns to create music during his performance, mainly familiar songs.  He wears  a  horns suit when performing  for the audience. Enjoy!  

Creative Shoelace Knots

Creative Shoe Knots Each time I buy a new sneaker, the most exciting moment is the shoe lacing methods. Not too tight but not too loose. Balancing the both left and right shoelace even length. If the bow keeps coming undone, then tie a double knot . Changing the Shoe Lacing Method dramatically changes looking […]

Coffee Stories

  Coffee Stories Very interesting Coffee stories from the origin of coffee to the invention of instant coffee, which is one of the most popular beverages worldwide. The visuals also make information fun to learn, “Why in the year 1675, Charles II (King of England) suppressed coffee houses” to how the caffeine buzz works in […]