10 Most Wonderful Churches In The World

Top 10; Most Unique Churches in the World from Charmainelim There are a lot of unique and interesting things around us in our world today. Regardless, whether you are religious or not religious, I must admit that the most wonderful buildings on earth and among mans most spectacular creations are churches, monasteries and other religious […]

A4 Size Papercut

Snowballs Peter Callesen creations on Blank White 80 gsm and 115 gsm A4 size paper and glue. Man Made Of  Woman The Impossible Meeting Hunting Angel Bridge Over Trouble Water Wedding Gown Without Bride 18.2 cm Tall Tower Of Babel Blog Directory Blog Listings My Blog Directory Web Directory

Only 1 Sheet Of Paper

Big Paper Castle The amazing creations and illustrations by Peter Callesen on Blank White 80 gsm A4 Papercut, Large Scale Papercut and Framed A4 Papercut. Traces In Snow In The Shadow Of An Orchid Eismeer Looking Back All In All Distant Wish Closet Holding On To Myself Unter dem Nebelmeer