“Deep Caves; The Crystal of the Devil”

“The Crystal of the Devil” 

Carpets pungent, jellyfish and even petrified … sword in the stone. They are hidden in caves surprising, secret worlds that only the cavers, sometimes only the bravest, they can see.


Max Wisshak is one of them. His specialty is the study of Karbonatkreislaufs, the world’s oceans. Caves are his great passion. In his amazing illustrated photobook ‘ Inside Mother Earth’ has raised the stages of a photographic journey made in different speleological explorations.


The photographer’s lights illuminate details of geological formations – stalactites with impressive columns of ice – and large areas of deep caves as well as other subterranean destinations reached by this extraordinary photographer, geologist, paleontologist and speleologist. This photobook is also for people who are interested in nature and who have not yet forgotten how to gaze in awe at the beauty of our world.


So, “Ready to go down into the belly of the Earth?”  Inside Mother Earth: Magic Caves

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