This is Real ‘Emo’ Wendy’s Logo?


Context – Wendy, the fast-food chain released an “emo” rendition of its logo, as well as a “punk” version, to promote the opening of a new location in Camden, London. The designs were exclusive to that site; Wendy’s original logo featuring a red-headed girl with pigtails would remain on signs and products at all other locations.


As per fact check – Even the girl in pigtails can change up her hair. An “emo” version of Wendy’s mascot made her debut in London in July 2022, according to a tweet, with a totally new hairstyle. The new Wendy’s mascot has side-swept straight bags, a shaggy haircut, and black dyed hair mixed in with her well-known redheaded look.

The Wendy’s chain responded to the tweet, which included a photograph of someone with similar-looking hairstyle standing beside a sign with the “emo” character. “Double trouble,” wrote the official Twitter account for Wendy’s U.K. locations.

The “punk” mascot featuring spiked red hair was the poll’s winner, according to the Twitter account. However, as Mike Pomranz, a writer for Food & Wine Magazine, put it, “Emo Wendy was just too good to ignore.” Both versions appeared on signs outside the Camden restaurant, which opened on June 28, according to the magazine.


And, according to The Drum, a marketing news outlet, the Camden location is the eighth Wendy’s to open in the United Kingdom. Tony Barr, a senior international marketing director for Wendy’s said: “As a new brand entering such a culturally-rich neighbourhood, it was important for us to show respect for the community and showcase the genuine excitement we have to become a part of it.”


The fast-food chain also unveiled the designs in collaboration with Camden Open Air Gallery, a group of artists in the neighbourhood. Shortly before the Camden restaurant’s opening, the group revealed on Instagram a mural featuring all three logo designs.



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Claim: In 2022, Wendy’s unveiled an “emo” version of its logo, featuring a red-headed girl with flattened side-bangs and a shaggy haircut.

With all of this said, the alternative logos were exclusive to the Camden location; Wendy’s original design featuring a red-headed girl with pigtails would remain on signs and products at all other locations.


In conclusion, we rate this true.


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