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Is the Actor Who Played the Karate Kid More Than 60 Years Old Now

A whole generation began to feel very old when a number of TikTok videos claimed that Ralph Macchio, the actor who played Daniel Larusso in “The Karate Kid” film franchise of the 1980s was more than 60 years old. Many on TikTok expressed shock at what appeared to be Macchio’s ageless features. It is true […]

Times Square’s New Year Eve Party Uses Confetti Strips With People’s Wishes Written on Them

If you have a hope or wish for 2024, it can be part of New York City’s famous New Year’s Eve Times Square celebration, albeit in a small way. Claim- The confetti that drops in Times Square on New Year’s Eve bears people’s hopes and dreams, written or printed on each piece of paper. People […]

Is Macaulay Culkin Really Returning for a New ‘Home Alone’ Film

In November and early December 2023, a rumor made its way across the internet claiming that #ad“Home Alone” actor Macaulay Culkin would be returning to the series in a new movie for Disney+. Many posts on social media – Facebook & X claimed the new film would be titled “Cabin Alone” and shared what appeared to […]