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ABC canceled “The View” and removed the talk show from its 2024 programming lineup.

An online article was virally shared in June 2023 that said the long-running morning talk show’s cancellation was “bound to happen.” The website reported, “Canceled: ABC Removes ‘The View’ From Its 2024 Roster: ‘Nobody Watches Anymore.’” is associated with America’s Last Line of Defense, a network of websites that publishes satirical articles. Historically, […]

Did Hitler once said, “To conquer a nation first replace science with Christianity”

A spurious quote attributed to Adolf Hitler about replacing science with Christianity has been making the rounds on social media, since roughly 2015. We found examples on both Facebook and Twitter. Did Hitler Say, ‘To Conquer a Nation First Replace Science with Christianity’? The precise statement is, “To conquer a nation first replace science with […]