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The Incredibles; Jack-Jack ATTACK

? Jack-Jack Attack is a 2005 short film produced by Pixar based upon their film The Incredibles. It was not given a theatrical release, but was included on the DVD release of the film. The short is based on the youngest member of the superhero Parr family: the baby, Jack-Jack. Kari McKeen, Jack-Jack’s babysitter started […]

38 Cool Images of Animals In Love

  Beautiful Images of Animals in Love “Love is a strange thing. It can be the most amazing feeling in the world, or it can really hurt, but in the end love is something most, if not all of us, will face.” – wikiHow It can take over your whole life if you are not […]

Inspirational Proverbs About Money

Inspirational Proverbs Here are some popular ancient Chinese proverbs. Each proverb is a gem in its own right. The whole Chinese Proverb presentation is most inspirational although, thought-provoking.