10 Most Wonderful Churches In The World

Top 10; Most Unique Churches in the World from Charmainelim There are a lot of unique and interesting things around us in our world today. Regardless, whether you are religious or not religious, I must admit that the most wonderful buildings on earth and among mans most spectacular creations are churches, monasteries and other religious […]

12 Interesting Facts About The Human Body

?? Amazing Facts about Human Body Do you enjoy reading weird and interesting facts about life? If you do, want more of the amazing but true facts to blow you away? Perhaps, you can tell them at parties and make everyone’s jaw drop!   Here are a dozen interesting but true facts about the Human […]

15 Awesome Hair Hats On Earth

? Most Bizarre Hair Hats on Earth The late talented Japanese music video and commercials director Nagi Noda created 15 most awesome animal hair hats from human hair.  Her website calls these ‘hair hats’ . The headpieces depict various kind of animal such as dog, lion, cow, rabbit, elephant, poodle, monkey, giraffe, owls, rhino and […]

WHAT is Parable Of Heaven and Hell

Parables are stories with the potential to disrupt the narrative of our lives – to point our life in a new direction. They can shake up what we know and push us – gently – into viewing the world and ourselves in a new way. Here is a parable………… Quote: A holy man was having […]


The photograph of Lady Liberty formed by 18,000 posed soldiers was taken in July 1918 at Camp Dodge, in Iowa, by photographers Arthur S. Mole & John D. Thomas. It was intended to help promote the sale of WW1 war bonds unfortunately, it was never used. In fact, during WW1 years Mole and Thomas had […]