“WHY Some FOOTWEAR Cause Escalator Injuries”

Croc and Escalator I have not seen a brand that gets the compliments and rave reviews that Crocs shoes received. Not forgetting, there are many rubber clogs that resembled Crocs, but are actually an imitation brand. With slip-resistant soles, Crocs shoes were originally designed for boaters and fishermen to wear on slippery decks. Today, chefs, […]


The photograph of Lady Liberty formed by 18,000 posed soldiers was taken in July 1918 at Camp Dodge, in Iowa, by photographers Arthur S. Mole & John D. Thomas. It was intended to help promote the sale of WW1 war bonds unfortunately, it was never used. In fact, during WW1 years Mole and Thomas had […]

12 Creative Street Paintings

Triumph of Puck Muses Giant Kurt Wenner is a master artist famous for creating amazing, high quality street painting and 3D chalk drawing. Wenner’s work has received global media attention and his artwork have been seen on Good Morning America, ABC’s World News Saturday, and TWA and Pan Am’s in-flight programs. Wenner’s artwork is rather […]

Impressive Military Photos

Military Photos Forget about war and what you think of war. Just take a look at the military exercise and the military planes in action. Whether or not you like what the government is doing, you have to admit these photos are very impressive and rather cool. Portable Keyboard Goat Milk

Just For Fun

Why They Use Women For Calenders? Ever wonder why they use women for calenders? This is really funny. Sit back and enjoy! There you have it, no questions I presume. According to research, When men are shown images of women in bikinis, the part of the brain they use when thinking about DIY tools and […]