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Impressive Military Photos

Military Photos Forget about war and what you think of war. Just take a look at the military exercise and the military planes in action. Whether or not you like what the government is doing, you have to admit these photos are very impressive and rather cool. Portable Keyboard Goat Milk

The Outrageous Boar MUDSLINGER

Pigs are generally considered lazy, messy, stupid, filthy but not Mudslinger! This swine genius can dunk a soccer ball,  raise  a flag, take a bow, wave “Hello” to the audiences, play dead and even sneaking  around. The smart Mudslinger can perform all these outrageous act when it was barely a year old. Check it out!

Incredible Animated Music PIPE DREAM

This is a computer animated music created by Wayne Lytle and his team at Animusic in Austin, Texas. This one entitled “Pipe Dream” is unlike anything you have seen before and is taken from one of the 7 breathtaking music animations of similar segments on a DVD produced by Animusic. This DVD has received outstanding […]

Just For Fun

Why They Use Women For Calenders? Ever wonder why they use women for calenders? This is really funny. Sit back and enjoy! There you have it, no questions I presume. According to research, When men are shown images of women in bikinis, the part of the brain they use when thinking about DIY tools and […]